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6 Best Survival Gear for Hikers

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Questioning which Survival Gear to carry for hiking? Even if you’re only scheduling to be out for a few hours on a day hike, it’s crucial to pack some essential gears and items. Weather can change quickly outdoors, and something as simple as a rolled ankle might mean you’re out longer than expected.

The essentials for hiking and camping (or any activity in the backcountry) are often “The Top 6 Essentials Survival Gear are listed below.

Before you start packing

Be a smart hiker by being equipped. Information and skills won’t fit in your backpack, but they’re important to have – if you’re a learner, check out local hiking groups and learn some tips. Know your way and plans before you leave, always make a trip plan with a trustworthy friend, and make sure your footwear is trail-worthy and comfortable.

Importance of flashlight

A small number of elements can confuse even the utmost proficient adventurer quicker than being shrouded in whole darkness. If you plan to risk out into unexperienced terrain or find yourself outside after dark, a consistent flashlight is necessary to have in any survival kit. The good news is flashlights have continued to get smaller and lightweight, and more effective and operative in current years.

Why First-Aid supplies are important?


The size of the First Aid Kit you fetch be contingent on the number of people, the span of the trip, how much distance you’re going to cover, and the level of danger for your trip. Before leaving and going to hike, make sure you’ve refilled all items and that nothing has expired. Items to always include in your first-aid kit are protective gloves, bandage, scissors, blister dressings, and pocket mask. Bug Spray is also recommended.

What to do with Survival Whistle & other Signaling Devices?

Consider whistles are just for kids to irritate their parents with? Well, let us remind you how Rose indicated for help and ended up surviving after the tragic death of Jack in ‘Titanic’ – WITH A WHISTLE. Enough said?

Extremely nevertheless, a whistle is so lightweight, so small and easy to keep, and so, so essential in a survival circumstance. If you have a bone break and can’t move if you have a ruthless wound or are in want of any kind of instant help and your phone is out of signal, a sharp blow of a whistle can be the unpretentious and easiest method to attain attention and protect your life.

It can also be valuable to pack a signaling survival mirror, which often comes with explanations of how to use and do flashy SOS, somewhat mostly useful if you’re in an out-of-the-way situation with no other hikers likely to come your way.

Why emergency shelter is essential?

If you’re on overnight or long trip, you likely even now take a tent and sleeping bag. But even if you’re on a day hike, it’s quite essential to fetch something for emergency situation. You can use a big orange plastic bag joint with a Spare Blanket or use a pre-made Emergency Bivy Bag. Crawl inside to stay warm and dry; the orange color attains attention and is highly visible.

Best Water treatment methods

Drinking unprocessed water is hazardous, which is why it’s essential to have the right water filter or purifier.

In the backcountry, hikers, campers, hunters, and anglers need a lot of water each day. When you’re thirsty, it’s tempting to drink straight from a clear mountain stream. But it’s what we can’t see that harms us. Alive in that calm flowing rivers are viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

water-filterWater filters strain out the higher number of waterborne pathogens. Protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium (“Crypto”) and Giardia lamblia (“beaver fever”) and harmful bacteria such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Shigella are easy and normal to filter out because of their big size.

But viruses aren’t so easy to filter because they’re tiny. Microscopic holes contained in the water filter through.

Water purifiers kill viruses, which are too small for filters to eliminate. Viruses such as hepatitis A, rotavirus, and norovirus are more of a concern in less-developed areas of the world. Purifiers use chemicals or ultraviolet light to purify viruses and other pathogens.

Iodine or chlorine tablets are the old-school way of getting safe drinking water. In high enough and sufficient concentrations, purification tablets also kill most other pathogens too.

Advantage of having GPS in your backpack

gps-deviceA handheld GPS device is very convenient for hiking, trekking and mountaineering because it lets you find your way without problems even if the visibility is poor or the landscape has little or no distinct features. Handheld GPS devices have more than a few advantages in comparison to Smartphones. That’s why recreational hikers frequently use these devices for navigation. GPS devices are more long-lasting and have much longer battery life. Furthermore, they are usually equipped with batteries. So that it can be exchanged with disposable batteries (usually AA batteries) if recharging is not possible – for example in remote and sparsely inhabited areas.

In comparison to the gradually popular GPS enabled watches (which are indeed useful for navigation), handheld GPS devices offer a better indication of the landscape as they can show detailed maps and in some cases also satellite imagery however watches can merely show your location and direction in relation to the waypoints and paths. Handheld GPS devices also allow you to easily insert new waypoints and plan the route directly on the device.