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Best Air Filtration System for Fallout Shelters

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In survival, every second counts. Preppers and survivalists know this, and that’s why they are prepared when the inevitable SHTF situation happens. One thing that all survivalists and preppers know is the Rule of Threes. This is a guideline that helps them prioritize their efforts in an emergency situation. The Rule of Threes goes like this:

In an emergency situation, you can only survive:

Understanding what your priorities are in an emergency situation is key to survival. Because your resources might be limited, it’s important to only expend energy on what is most important. Any prepper or survivalist worth their salt will have the first two covered. All of the preppers I know have shelves upon shelves of canned food and bottled water. And where they keep that food and water is just as important. A fallout shelter, bunker, or panic room is a must for any serious survivalist. That will just about take care of the shelter requirement in the Rule of Threes.

Now we come to the fourth Three, which is clean, reliable air. Most people, including preppers, don’t give a second thought to where their clean air will come from. We have been conditioned to take it for granted that we will always have breathable air. Even in the most polluted cities, the air is still breathable and not immediately toxic. But in reality, in the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical situation, the air around you may be contaminated. In this case, all of the food and bottled water in the world won’t help you live more than about three minutes. But the best preppers and survivalists already have that situation covered with an air filtration system installed in their bunker or fallout shelter.

A good air filtration system for a bunker is not only one that cleans the air of pollution but also filters out the possible NBC contaminants, as well. As for NBC air filtration systems, the best you can get is the Castellex Air550. The Air550 is a four-stage NBC air filtration system with a battery backup that also has the built-in ability to do daily filtration. More about the daily filtration in a moment, first the NBC capabilities.

The Air550 is fitted with a high-efficiency pre-filter, impregnated carbon filter, and the highest-rated H14 HEPA filter capable of removing all known warfare gases from pollution or attack. Its collective filtration system is intended for up to 24 people in a panic room and the system provides up to 150 m3/h of fresh air. Going from daily ventilation to NBC mode is as easy as the flip of a switch. This is most convenient because, in other systems, NBC filters must be installed and connected before switching to NBC mode. This process is too complicated for most preppers without prior military training.

Now, the benefits of daily air filtration. It can keep your air clean from daily pollution such as car exhaust, brake dust, or industrial waste. The daily filter also acts as a dehumidifier, keeping your bunker air fresh and dry and eliminating mold. This is why the Castellex Air550 is great for home or office use, as well as in a bunker or panic room. It can keep your air clean and keep you healthy on a daily basis, while still being able to protect you and your air supply in case of emergency.
This shows another great feature of the Castellex Air550, its versatility. It is great for bunkers and fallout shelters, but it can be equally effective against NBC threats in your home or office. It’s even able to be installed on a boat. Anywhere that you live, work, or gather, you can be free from the threat of nuclear, biological, or chemical agents.

Imagine a scenario:

A terrorist detonates a biological device in a major city. If you live outside of major cities, you may feel that you are safe from the attack. But soon, the prevailing winds have distributed that biological agent across hundreds of miles, without regard to city or country. Thousands of people are sick and dying. Governments in the affected areas have quarantined people inside their homes, but even that doesn’t completely protect them because the agent can get into the air system. Only those people (preppers, mostly) with the forethought to install an NBC air filtration system would be completely unaffected. You and your family are safe in your bunker thanks to your air filtration system.

Prepping and survivalism are on the rise all over the world. It’s become a multi-million dollar industry. Most preppers understand that a cataclysmic event such as nuclear war or an apocalypse is unlikely, but the devastating impact of something of that nature leads them to prepare for the worst, even if it’s a long shot.

According to statistics recently compiled, most preppers spend over $1000 USD per year on their stockpile of food, water, and equipment. The average amount spent is $1825. Prepping is also not just something done by weirdos living in their parent’s basement. Two-thirds of preppers are married homeowners, while nearly half are college-educated and earning more than $100,000 USD per year. Some of the most common prepper items to be acquired (other than stores of food and water) are NBC contamination suits and gas masks. This goes in line with the thinking that the most devastating SHTF scenario could be something NBC-related.

The possibility that something catastrophic could happen in the future is enough to convince most preppers of the need to prepare themselves and their families to deal with the situation. Food, water, and shelter are basic needs that most preppers have covered. But, remember the Rule of Three. In the event of a nuclear, biological, or chemical contamination, you may have only seconds or minutes to react. Having an NBC air filtration system installed in your bunker or fallout shelter can provide you peace of mind. In those first desperate moments when you know something has gone very, very wrong, imagine the sense of relief you and your family will have to know that you have safe, breathable air.

The Castellex Air550 is the best NBC air filtration system available for survival shelters, and won’t break your bank either. With its multi-level filtration and ability to switch between NBC and daily filtration modes, as well as its internal battery backup, the Air550 is peace of mind and essential in any bunker or safe room. With the ability to filter the air for up to 24 people, The Castellex Air550 can safely accommodate you, your family, and as many friends as can fit in your bunker.

Prepping isn’t about being paranoid, it’s about being prepared. Preppers don’t think that every day is the end of the world. They prepare themselves to deal with catastrophe as a result of war, attack, or accident. Being prepared in case of a disaster is part of the responsibility of taking care of a family.