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Choosing The Right Survival Knife

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Surviving is inevitable for all of us. Whenever we face a hazardous situation we try various ways to secure ourselves. One has to plan first as to how one can survive, what does one need to have to safeguard himself? Picking the right survival knife ensures safety. How can you pick the right survival knife is extremely important to know. Here we will discuss in detail the right survival gear and how you can pick it up.

Your survival strategies and tools depend upon the nature of your venture. For are going for an outdoor camping/hunting venture then you need to know what gear you need. Hiking and hunting demand specific surviving gears.

For a while, imagine yourself there without any gear. Will you be able to cut the rope or skein your prey? Will you be able to cut the woods/ how will you do all this? There is an absolute chance that you will get yourself caught into a serious situation.

For your sustenance, you just need the right knife. How to pick the right survival blade is something you must know about.

One has to keep his mind present and his willpower should be strong. With an adequate survival tool, you will be able to knock down any difficulty.

Importance of Choosing The Right Survival Knife


Choosing the right survival knife is something of huge importance. Only an appropriate knife can protect you in the desired way and performs a number of tasks.

Pick a knife that secures you

The main purpose of a survival knife is to protect you. Your knife should be able to work as a weapon. While selecting the right one to select the one that can defend you. A sharp solid knife can protect you from animals and other dangerous creatures. So, if you are looking for a good budget-friendly knife, here is the Best EDC Knife Under $50.

Pick a knife that clears the path

A knife that comes with a good blade can clear the path by cutting the bushes and tiny branches. So you better check the blade of the knife before buying it.

Pick a knife that can cut the wood

A right survival knife can be used for batoning so it should cut the wood easily. It allows you to split the wood as you can use it for lighting a fire.


Pick the knife for removing the skin of your prey

When you will be on your outdoor adventure like hunting then you will have to feed yourself too. You may need to roast your prey but before that, you need a nice survival knife to remove its skin.

Pick the knife that can open the can

A right a survival knife can help in opening the cans food and drinks. Obviously you will take some drinks and canned foods with you in your outdoor venture. A sharp survival knife will help you immensely in this regard.

Picking up the right survival knife can serve you in the following ways:

  • Building up a shelter
  • Preparing food
  • Fire-making tool
  • Using as a spear
  • Using as a hammering
  • Cutting the bandages

Things you need to know before buying your survival knife

Fixed blade knife

You need to know the blade of your knife as fixed and folding blades have their own qualities. You can utilize the knife with fixed for multi-purpose. It is a great choice for survival situations. It will be wise to keep a folding knife too with you as back up. You can check this post for the best folding knives.

The Carbon steel survival knife

Survival knife comes in two materials; carbon steel and stainless steel. Both materials work efficiently. The carbon steel knife is powerful and easy to sharpen but it rusts quite easily. Stainless steel knife has great resilience in it but it is as tough as carbon steel. So you better go for a carbon steel knife as it is best for survival situations.

Solid yet lightweight survival knife

You should know the desired size and weight of your knife. A large size knife won’t be suitable nor will the heavier one be a good choice. A knife of ten inches will be fine to take as it will be easy to carry.

A knife with full tang blade

A full tang blade knife will be a great choice. There are knives that have a half blade but they aren’t suitable. Some knives also come with quarter size tang. Half-size and quarter size tang makes the knife weaker. The Full-tang blade is ideal as it makes the knife balanced.

A knife with a straight edge

Knives either have a serrated edge or straight edge. You should go for a straight edge survival knife as you can use it for batoning. In this way, you can carve it easily. Furthermore, you can easily sharpen the straight edge knife. In simple words, a straight edge knife is more versatile than a serrated edge knife.


It is important to know about the survival gear you are going to get. A right survival knife will give you a real zeal and zest for your outdoor adventure.

Not all kinds of survival situations are the same and there are a number of different knives. It will be wise to pick the survival knife that can serve you in numerous situations. It should serve you for many purposes.

A versatile survival knife can easily carry out diverse tasks. While selecting the right and best survival knife for your hunting/camping you should look at its versatility. Do think about the expected environment of the situation in which you will use it.

You cannot take a bundle of knives with you so picking up the right one will help you in surviving successfully. It will be wise to take at least two knives with you. The fixed blade knife and the other one should be a folding one that should be a part of your kit.

You can use the source of this post for extensive information about knives.