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Top 3 Backpack Brands For Hiking

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If you plan on going camping or hiking anytime soon, there is one piece of hiking survival gear that you won’t want to live without. A proper backpack is essential to ensure that you can carry everything you need. You also want it to be lightweight, durable, and evenly distribute weight to protect your back and spine. A proper backpack should let you stay totally comfortable and use less energy when moving around.

You’ll easily be overwhelmed trying to find a backpack on your own because there are so many brands and types – so we’re here to help! Here are our Top 3 Favourite brands of backpacks for camping.

Osprey – Tried and Tested

Osprey has been around since 1974 and they have what you need when it comes to a camping survival gear company. The company focuses on designing backpacks that fit every shape, size, and gender. Most Osprey packs have interchangeable or adjustable harnesses and hipbelts. Also, 90% of Osprey packs can be found in a range of sizes to fit all torso lengths.

Women can rest easy because Osprey packs are designed with their anatomy in mind. Osprey packs have varying padding thickness to accommodate a woman’s neck, shoulder, and chest.

Finally, Osprey packs can be heat molded to fit your unique shape for the ultimate comfort, load control, and support. You just need to bring the pack to a local CM certified dealer and they can custom heat mold your Bioform and Isoform hipbelts that come with your packs.

If comfort is your main concern, there is no going wrong with Osprey.

Gregory Packs – Mountain Climbing and Hiking Backpack

Not too far off from Osprey, Gregory Packs have been around as backpack camping survival gear company since 1977. Gregory Packs focus on maximizing energy efficiency as well as letting you fill the pack correctly to its maximum capacity. Together, these things will let you focus on the most important thing – your trip.

Gregory Packs also come with a lifetime guarantee. As long you aren’t abusing your pack, it will be covered under the Gregory Packs lifetime warranty. Gregory Packs builds their products to last a lifetime and they mean it.

If you expect to be on a trail, hiking, or climbing then go with a Gregory Pack.

For more detailed reviews and comparison between these two backpack brands, check this great article of Arbor Explorer, Battle of the Backpacks.

Arc’teryx – Best for All-around and General Use

Arc’teryx is the best backpack camping survival gear company if you’re just looking for an all-purpose pack. You can wear these packs while trail running, hiking, trekking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and any number of outdoor activities.

Arc’teryx uses generous padding and eliminates the side-to-side rocking a pack does when walking due to your hip movements. Due to this, the soreness you get in your back and shoulders from carrying a pack all day is mitigated.

If you’re looking for a pack to go with you whenever you are venturing into the great outdoors, you can’t go wrong with Arc’teryx.