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Where To Keep Earthquake Emergency Preparedness Kit?

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In this article, we are talking about “What do you need in an earthquake survival kit?” and the place you should keep it. So we want to help you all become better prepared in the case of an earthquake with your bedside survival kit. Earthquakes may occur while you’re in bed and it’s going to happen really quickly and it’s going to surprise you.

In short, this article we will cover a small bug-out bag for a sudden earthquake, therefore, this content is not about the apocalyptic type of scenarios. So these are some items in here that can support you most importantly in case of structural collapse and you’re trapped in your bedroom in the middle of the night. That’s why you have to keep this kit near your bed and reachable. Let’s check the items in your bedside emergency survival gear.




Backpacking your Emergency Survival Kit

Let’s start with the backpack. It should be medium size multi-compartment backpack. Be sure that, it is lightweight and hard-covered against structural damages.

How much water do I need?

The most important item in your survival gear is the water. For sure, you will need water and more water. So, if your backpack has outer compartments, you can carry some extra water bottles there. But keep at least one bottle in the bag as a safety precaution since you can lose all your water if there is hit on your bag. Try as much water as you can fit in the bag. If you think, you would need water tablets, you can put some water purification tablets mentioned here, to your emergency preparedness kit as well.

Can I survive on 800 calories a day?

Remember we are preparing our survival kit considering the bug-out scenario as a first option. So you need lightweight but fulfilling food. You should have a few snack bars just to provide some sustenance, in case you are trapped for a very long duration. Just a reminder, you have to check their expiration dates and regularly refresh your items. A person can survive a few days without food. In addition, for a man, 2000 calories would be enough daily basis diet. So, you can decide how to pick snacks according to these values.

Do I need light?

One of the out pockets, which is reachable quickly, should keep a small Mini Maglite and extra sets of batteries. Again for a prolonged scenario, you should spare your items. You will need a light, in case of dark environments, you need to see where you are and how you would take your position without cutting yourself.




Dust masks might be essential

The main compartments in your bag, you should have some dust masks. Keep them in closed or inner compartments of the bag, so you can use clean dust masks, after the damage.

How to communicate?

In such disasters, cell phone networks are way too busy and phone batteries are dying fast. So, for long-lasting communication, cheap CB radio hopefully would work well. You would be able to communicate with people, to rescuers and let them know that you are trapped.

What first aid kit should I have?

As most people usually do, just buy one of the store-bought first-aid kits. Either take out you know extraneous items that you don’t think you will need. This provides you some extra space so you can add items that you probably will use.



How to walk on the collapsed structure?

In this bag, you need a set of lightweight shoes one pair for you, and one for your spouse may be. It’s really important to have these shoes by your bedside. Because if an earthquake does occur at night and you’re surprised by it most likely your main shoes are going to be at your front door. And if you’re trying to get out of a collapsed structure there’s going to be a lot of sharp debris and stuff like that. So it can hurt your feet on the way if you can move. That’s why it’s important to have shoes very close in your bedside kit.

Are folding knives useful for earthquake scenario?

For sure, you will need a couple of folding knives in your earthquake survival gear just for utility purposes. Consider that if they have some saw etc., you can cut or utilize some easy ropes or thin furniture staff, even you can make ropes for yourself using the clothes or fabric around you.

Should I yell louder?

One of the most important items in this earthquake survival gear bag is a high-powered whistle. If you are trapped in a structural collapse from an earthquake or anything like that, and yelling for help you for probably less than 10 minutes. Then you have no way of vocally letting rescuers know that you are there. It is important to use a whistle because rescuers can hear you from much more distance and more efficiently. Besides, you will save your voice for more essential communication.

Be Safe

So that’s a quick overview of a bedside emergency kit which the main purpose is in case of an earthquake at night while you are sleeping. As a prepper, now you’ve got something you can just grab and go, or stay safer than before.