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Camping Advice for Beginners

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If you’re completely new to outdoors activities and looking for camping advice, then you’ve come to the right place.

Camping is a wonderful activity that everyone should try at least once in their life.


You get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city while experiencing the great outdoors. Without all the distractions of technology, you get to spend some real quality time with your loved ones.

However, no one wants to ruin the moment with silly camping mistakes.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks that will help you have a smooth and successful camping experience.


Don’t Bring the Whole House

camping-tvYou’d be surprised how many new campers refuse to follow this piece of camping advice.

Many new campers have a habit of bringing way more than they need. You should be able to figure out what’s essential and what’s a waste of space. Choose a suitable backpack for your needs and keep it light, because you may have to walk long distances. Checkout these backpack brands specialized for outdoors.

If you’re traveling with your family, make a rule: everyone can carry one bag, and it has to fit easily inside the tent.

Store and Prepare Food Properly

Here’s a piece of camping advice that you’ll be thanking us for later.

You need to be careful about bringing food that spoils. Your simple cooler can NOT keep burgers, steaks and other raw meats cool for an extended period of time.

You should be bringing a lot of non-perishable foods instead. Especially if you’ve planned any rigorous activities like biking or hiking.

There’s nothing wrong if you bring some meat but be sure that you can use it before it spoils.

It’s also necessary to think about nutrition when you’re thinking about what you’ll eat on your trip. You’ll want to stay well fed and hydrated for hikes and other physical activities. Most importantly, you need to store and place food safely to avoid attracting bears or other wild animals.

Wear Appropriate Clothing


Here’s some valuable camping advice – dress for the environment and not for fashion.

Keep your fancy shoes at home and bring a comfortable and durable pair of boots for hiking. Check our post for how to pick hiking boots.

Pay attention to the weather forecast and pack for it. You don’t want to be caught in pouring rain with just a t-shirt and shorts. If the weather temperature goes below freezing, you should be able to put on a sweater to keep you warm.

Another rule of thumb is you should leave behind any clothes that you wouldn’t want to ruin.


Watch out for Wildlife

Plants and animals are beautiful to look at, but if you’re not careful they can be dangerous as well.

Make sure you research what kind of dangerous plants you might be seeing at your campground. You’ll be able to bring supplies to protect you if you know what you’re up against. You don’t want to end your trip early because you didn’t realize there would be poison ivy during your hikes. Get a plant identification guide and use it to search around your campsite for any dangers.

In terms of animals, you just have to be smart. Pack your food wisely in plastic bags that reduce smells to keep creatures away from your campsite.  Dispose of your trash carefully and always keep your tent fly closed when you’re not in it.  If you’re camping in bear country or near any possibly dangerous wildlife, stay alert and know what to do if you should have a chance meeting with a wild animal.

Make a Checklist is our last camping advice


Whether you like it or not, camping involves a lot of preparation. For a successful camping trip, you need more than just a tent, campfire, and a good knife.

By making a list you’ll be less likely to forget anything, and you’ll have a detailed record of what you brought with you.

Make your list and organize it into sections, separate the needless items from the important ones.

Be sure to check items off as you’re packing and don’t forget to make a second checklist for when you’re leaving.

If you follow all of our camping advice, you are sure to have a successful camping trip! Remember all our helpful tips, and most importantly, make sure to have fun and relax!

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